Let’s start outside!

  • In the summer, wash screens and windows, clean rain gutters, stain or paint the deck and fence, touch up or paint areas of the house that need it.

  • Is the fence straight, and does the gate swing easily, and does the latch work well?

  • Prune all overgrown shrubs, especially if they obstruct a window or a walkway.

  • Keep the lawn well-trimmed and mowed.  Also, re-seed or sod any bare spots and try to keep the lawn green and neat.

  • Minimize cars and “toys” parked in front of or on the property.

  • Remove all refuse, leaves, and clutter from yards, sidewalks, porches, and decks.

  • Clean up after the pets daily as most prospective buyers walk around the entire yard and house.

  • Freshen the shrub and flower beds by turning soil, weeding, and maybe add fresh bark.

  • Remove any leaves and debris from the roof.

  • In the winter, keep all walkways, steps, decks, and patios clear of snow and ice.  Remove screens and store them neatly, as this allows better light and looks cleaner during grey months.

*Remember, the first thing a buyer sees is the front door.



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