winter in montana

Are you prepared for Winter in Montana?

With hundreds of Buyers looking at relocating into our Flathead Valley, it’s important to work with the right group of experienced agents who are able to not only see you through your real estate transaction but also able to help guide you through Montana’s four seasons.  The following is an overview of what that process looks like when it comes time to winterize your Montana home.

  • Connecting You With The Right People
    You’ll most likely need the assistance of a few different professionals along the way. We’ll help connect you with professionals to take care of all your needs. If you would like a list of local specialists emailed to you please click here to contact Megan
  • Clean Rain Gutters
    Probably one of the best things you can do in Montana!  Having clean gutters not only makes your home look nicer, but it can also help prevent the build-up of ice on your roof. The faster that water can drain away, the less likely it is to melt and then refreeze on your roof or under your shingles which can cause ice-damming and lead to leaks, mold and unwanted repair costs.
  • Trim Trees
    Take time now to trim any weak branches that look as if they could cause problems during winter storms. Trimming the trees during mild weather is easier than trying to do it when it’s freezing outside.
  • Replace Filters
    Changing out your heating and central air filters can significantly improve the efficiency of your system.  This is a great time of year to reach out to one of our local HVAC specialists to have your annual service checkup.
  • Check for Leaks
    Now that the nights have cooled down, you can probably locate drafts coming into your home. Find those leaks and seal them up before winter, you can use weather stripping, caulk or spray foam.  You may also want to consider window insulation film to help prevent heat from leaking out of the windows.
  • Insulate Pipes and Hot Water Heater
    Consider insulating your water pipes and hot water heater. This is a relatively easy project and can help trim your water heating costs through the winter and also prevent frozen lines.
  • Clean Your Chimney
    Before you use it on the first chilly night, you need to have your chimney cleaned by a professional.  In addition to increasing the heating efficiency of your fireplace, an annual cleaning also helps to ensure your family’s safety during the winter months. Having the chimney cleaned every year helps to eliminate these risks for fire in your home.

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